Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Polar and Paradoxical...Freewrite Hallelujahs

composed while listening to "Hallelujah" by K.D. Lang

I like the way
the taste of your breath changes when we kiss
like licking storm clouds
then the thunder
water flow
rain on earth
hallelujah of broken silence
messiah formed feminine
delivery of divine sentences
silence in scent
c before d
curiousity comes before desire
then the emptiness shall ensue
sue me for enjoying creation
and proclaiming glory in things non religious
somewhere there is a star named Darkness
that still shines
stars hum Hallelujah, I hear
Thats the rumor spread in the Gospel
polared and paradoxical
the cause and the effect is Hallelujah
the beginning and the end is the same
Glory be to the Creator of this moment outside scripture
within bounds of the boundless
maybe I praise I own will
some may say something of this sort
***i say they hoes that lack knowledge of my Holy***
when all is sorted they will not be found lumped in my sum
sum of parts but part of the whole
cant add me if you never learned my equation
i ain't revealed that yet
they guessing
like the living do heaven and hell
i smell future in your center
how many licks does it take to get to
the world may never like children asking questions
even owls have no patience to answer sometimes
in short I say Hallelujah in lue of answers
Hallelujah for the blues that come as they do
Hallelujah for the passion that leads us to flame
and the fact it grows cold enough to build fires
burn till we run out of kindle
hopefully we hold heat till the dawn
when the sun comes we might see
beyond the smoke of the night offering
the King one the other side of the pit
proclaiming a Hallelujah that we found a way
to last the night together.