Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wrote “Terrorist” after the life of Sean Bell was extinguished by the NYPD and finished it a week before a Police Officer representing Inglewood PD shot and killed a 19 yr. old unarmed boy in the back. (and I almost forgot) Jena 6. And in the time in-between these occurrences I, for the first time in my life was at the wrong end of a standard issue law enforcing and often terror producing gun, wielded proudly by a Police Officer representing the LAPD.

I understand now how unarmed people are murdered in the dark by the same force we pay taxes for them to protect us.

One Officer on my driver side collecting my info. One BRIGHT LIGHT behind me so I cannot see whats behind me. Then, his partner seemingly sneaks up on my passenger side with gun already drawn, taps at the window with his gun pointed towards my chest.
(Now what do you suppose would’ve happened if I was startled?!? Jumped? Yelled? My hands were in my lap, all he had to do is say, “I couldn’t see his hands... and he made a sudden move...” and of course, “he fit the description...” )
Time’s up.
Lemme tell you what might’ve happened. He would’ve let loose his whole clip in my little chest and his partner would’ve ran over and for good measure emptied half of his clip in my back.

I understand now how unarmed people are murdered in the dark by the same force we pay taxes for them to protect us.

(Good thing I was more sleepy than scared causing my reflexes to be just a little slower than usual.)

Then I got to thinking (and connecting dots like I normally do).
I thought of Hannibal and bar Kochba and Nat Turner and Judah Maccabee. What do all these men have in common?
They are all classified as heroes to they’re people and as Terrorists to the systems they fought.

I had watched the movie “To catch a fire” about the Apartheid and was instantly reminded of all of this like it was one event. Then what I already knew, dawned on me again.
Oppressors create their own enemies.
This is why we had Black Panthers and Brown Berets, a Boston Tea Party, and even the United States of America.
One man’s Terrorist is often another man’s Hero.
But sadly, the story is often told by the winner and three fourths of the truth is suppressed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Conversation via text message

A conversation via text message about a Haiku I wrote, enjoy:

This is the ensuing short exchange between myself and a theology major.

(theology major: The study of God?!?

It’s still beyond me how we think we study the Unsearchable)

Haiku for you:
This Morning I found
the audacity to bless
even the Devil.
-Judah 1

Girl: and where does scripture teach that?!

Self: Ha

“Love your enemy...bless those who curse you...”

...Its a radical concept of Jesus

Girl: ha ha. But I think ur using it out on context...not too certain

Self: I think you are missing the point of art

And (excuse me) the scripture is also “art”

Girl: yes my dear friend but if art is not in line with scripture then it is still wrong. Artistic license doesn’t give excuse for bad teaching, right?

self: am I teaching? Not at all.

Love god more then you hate evil (is the base foundation of the haiku)

Why are you trying to extract a literal meaning out of figurative language?

-Sigh- sadly we do this with scripture, too

The point is that people are often found to have (d)evil in them. And even though they curse and come against you, to bless Them. And that is the “audacity” of blessing even the Devil. I was gonna get into how Satan is an Angel and Agent of God (see the Book of Job, Chapter 1) and that he is doing his job. He is no enemy of God, rather merely an Adversary of Man. And as scripture (rather the People called Israel) grow and learn and progress, the role of the Devil changes and grows, as well...he is here to tempt and test us. To in a way, help perfect us with fire (trials). I think of art of the Middle Ages and their depictions of the devil over a cauldron. And while that image of a red horned creature with a pitchfork is far from true, the cauldron is important. Heat is the Element of Change. And is this not what man is always seeking, to change? I believe God answers our prayers and desires with Heat (tests or trials) wrought forth to bring the desired change in us. And we blame the devil for bringing heat that we, ourselves ask God to deliver to our souls.

But what would be the point...she studies God

Knowledge is(a) power.
But translating is Powerful.
-Alchemy 101