Monday, October 19, 2009

Good people are sharing Good things

Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether by Judah 1 takes the reader on a fascinating journey through one man's search for truth and meaning. It blends theology, philosophy, aesthetics, politics, love, humor and a fair share of autobiography in a compelling tour-de-force.

The writings are of varied length, style, and message. The common theme is a profound honesty that is at once convicting and inspiring. One cannot read the text without being alternately driven to rage over the injustices in our world, saddled with guilt over our role in this reality and then inspired to be an agent of change. This prophetic cycle of justice is contrasted by dabblings in the more profane matters of love, lust and other vicissitudes of human relationships. In addition to bringing a nice respite from heavier matters, these writings give us a window into the real soul of the author. He is an intellectual, a visionary, a poet, an agent of change and above all a human being. His attention to the ordinary is as remarkable as his deepest of philosophical musings about the nature of G-d. In short, Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether is a book for those who love good writing, good ideas and care enough to do something with both of them. Judah 1 says in verse what all great prophets and revolutionaries have said. He does it with a new style, relevance and charisma. It is my hope that this time the world listens.

Ryan Falcioni
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Chaffey College

Professors and Hip Hop Artists both have their view...Check out this review of my book that someone felt enough about to write a blog about

Friday, October 16, 2009


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Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether.
David "Judah 1" Oliver

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


There are certain thoughts like people
that should go into Retirement.
But there is something to be said
about the society
that makes them both
keep working.

Monday, October 12, 2009

On Gay Rights.

It doesn't really matter what I believe on the subject most times. What I do want to discuss is this:
The Bias of Biblical People
(People who ruffly believe the same things as I do; although obviously not the same way)

I don't agree with somethings. Actually, lots of things. But as Believers, we are told in our Scripture, " obey the law of the land.." as long as it is Just. The Law of the land is the treat everyone EQUAL and not to have rights for one group of poeple and deny that same right or privelage to another group based on a worldview, religion, race, creed or even sexual preference.

Equality. Now.

I'm no advocate for gay rights. (I'm pushing my personal thoughts and bias aside.)
I am, however, an advocate of IF you say you're about something to actually be about it. Or change what you say.
America is a land of Equality. Be that.
Christians are people of the book. That book says to "obey the law of the land". Do that.
Or change your belief system.

I do believe we have already changed our belief system and have called it "Christianity". Because I certainly see more hate and opposition than Faith and Love.
And That is the Gospel.

(Yes, I just said I believe Western Christianity to be a bad forgery of the Gospel)