Monday, December 21, 2009

Religion: The Art of Sampling, Remixing and Remastering

If I know something is a remix or a sample doesn't make it less valid, less pertinent to my experience in my contemporary time. Nor does it make the original less valid. I may just appreciate all that was added to the remix. Like improving upon family recipe.

If you were to ask a Rabbi where the stories of the Hebrew Bible came from they may tell you that the Teachers of old took the best stories and they changed the names and some details. (Greek mythology copied Egyptian mythology. Just changed the names and details.) And some of the stories which are distinctly Hebrew are exaggerated accounts of what really occurred. To support that sentence, chew on this: a lot of the Hebrew Bible is a military history and the Hebrews did like most people do. When they won a battle or a war they attributed the victory to the Will of God. This may be true but dangerous as people tend to think and Pastors tend to Preach that God always leads us to victory and never to a crushing defeat.

Most of the Hebrew Bible wasn't written and compiled until about 1000 B.C. meaning there was at least 1500 years of oral tradition. As we know a story can change slightly or dramatically with each story teller. In the end it is the story or allegory or poem that teaches and leads us to righteous, which is another word for Justice.

The Hebrews were in Egypt 430 years, and they were in Babylon and Persia for a couple generations. If you believe they were the same people coming out as they went in...then I have a diamond mine in my sock drawer that I wanna see you. But you got to buy it first.

The concept of the Satan as we know him doesn't exist in the Hebrew Bible. In the Hebrew Bible he is more like a District Attorney appointed by God for us. An Angel who has to ask God's permission (get a warrant) before any action is taken against us. It was not until the Hebrews encountered Zoroastrianism and Ahura Mazda and Ahriman when the Satan became the embodiment of evil. Before that evil was the result of our internal action and not an external being. Evil is the result of man and the D.A. highlighted our actions before the Judge. You only need to read the description of Angels and Heavenly beings and see the statues Gods and Heavenly beings of Babylon and Persia to connect the dots.

Now I warn people to be cautious to what they label "of unbelievers" or "pagan" or "heathen" because of what we know of God from the Hebrews. The Hebrews went in every region that was more advanced than them and they learned (sent into exile and captivity by the design of God) they evolved because of the people that they were with.

They took the stories and collected them all together and gave us a more clear view (not perfect view) of who God is. GOD (the Light) comes to us through a sort of prism. Different people see the same light at a different frequency. The Hebrews, over time focused the Light on our side of the prism. They took the spiritually Obtuse and Acute angles, mingled them and gave us a Right Angle.
(If you study religion,like I do, WITHOUT A BIAS, you will see the same stories/Allusions/Allegory hinting at the common source with variation. Some stories are wild/outlandish and so are some things in the Bible. But faith is exercised. Some people believe literally, while others simply say its figurative, appreciate the lesson and keep it pushing.)

To put it short and simply:
My Grandfather may have seen Ford's first Model-T but he has never seen a Mercedes S-500.

-Now in writing this some are definitely gonna question my personal Christianity and faith. That's okay-

When in doubt, this is how I pray:
"Lord, I believe. Forgive my unbelief."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Forgive my silence

Forgive my silence but I am working on something that is proving to take some time and courage to write. But it will challenge the paradigm of many or confirm your own inner-most thoughts on the subject.
Until then...I'll leave you with this one thought.

Forgiveness is the sweetest Taboo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kaleidoscope Symmetry

When the day is done
I will become what you wish you needed
You will see me
Hear me in an echo
We are a mixture of Myrrh and Mercury
Ours is Kaleidoscope Symmetry
Freak and match every angle
as you please
as it pleases you
I pleases you
Plural meaning multiple
You the "Amen" my Hallelujah do await for
strike with momentum
cause flame where there was not
We are hope in the eye of the Saoshyant
Struggle not
for Kaleidoscope Symmetry
Rest easy
the Mahdi fight for me
Memories East
Peace with a West step
Alchemy to Ether
what used to be Oxygen
Perfect in first form
no less, finally.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1 of my all time favorites.

One of my all time favorite songs. Ten years and still in heavy rotation.
Hip Hop. Don't Feed the Philosophers. You don't know our diet. Man shall not live off of bread alone.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Alchemy and Ether Interview

Candid interview with me, David "Judah 1" Oliver about my Book, "Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether."
Interview turned out to be a lot more than just about the book. You get to know a lot more about the Author. Check it out

Alchemy and Ether Interview from David Oliver on Vimeo.

you can get your copy of "Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether."
Now at
"Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether."
David "Judah 1" Oliver

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good people are sharing Good things

Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether by Judah 1 takes the reader on a fascinating journey through one man's search for truth and meaning. It blends theology, philosophy, aesthetics, politics, love, humor and a fair share of autobiography in a compelling tour-de-force.

The writings are of varied length, style, and message. The common theme is a profound honesty that is at once convicting and inspiring. One cannot read the text without being alternately driven to rage over the injustices in our world, saddled with guilt over our role in this reality and then inspired to be an agent of change. This prophetic cycle of justice is contrasted by dabblings in the more profane matters of love, lust and other vicissitudes of human relationships. In addition to bringing a nice respite from heavier matters, these writings give us a window into the real soul of the author. He is an intellectual, a visionary, a poet, an agent of change and above all a human being. His attention to the ordinary is as remarkable as his deepest of philosophical musings about the nature of G-d. In short, Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether is a book for those who love good writing, good ideas and care enough to do something with both of them. Judah 1 says in verse what all great prophets and revolutionaries have said. He does it with a new style, relevance and charisma. It is my hope that this time the world listens.

Ryan Falcioni
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Chaffey College

Professors and Hip Hop Artists both have their view...Check out this review of my book that someone felt enough about to write a blog about

Friday, October 16, 2009


Get yours today. Please.
you will not disappointed!

the Link is on the side of the blog.
I gotta run

Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether.
David "Judah 1" Oliver

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


There are certain thoughts like people
that should go into Retirement.
But there is something to be said
about the society
that makes them both
keep working.

Monday, October 12, 2009

On Gay Rights.

It doesn't really matter what I believe on the subject most times. What I do want to discuss is this:
The Bias of Biblical People
(People who ruffly believe the same things as I do; although obviously not the same way)

I don't agree with somethings. Actually, lots of things. But as Believers, we are told in our Scripture, " obey the law of the land.." as long as it is Just. The Law of the land is the treat everyone EQUAL and not to have rights for one group of poeple and deny that same right or privelage to another group based on a worldview, religion, race, creed or even sexual preference.

Equality. Now.

I'm no advocate for gay rights. (I'm pushing my personal thoughts and bias aside.)
I am, however, an advocate of IF you say you're about something to actually be about it. Or change what you say.
America is a land of Equality. Be that.
Christians are people of the book. That book says to "obey the law of the land". Do that.
Or change your belief system.

I do believe we have already changed our belief system and have called it "Christianity". Because I certainly see more hate and opposition than Faith and Love.
And That is the Gospel.

(Yes, I just said I believe Western Christianity to be a bad forgery of the Gospel)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Her Name" my favorite poem from Nationals & some other things

This is my favorite poem from this year's National Poetry Slam in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Oh, and in case you wanted to know how my team did.
We placed in the Top 20 teams in the Nation!
Empire MindState Slam Team (I.E. Slam Team)
Also, our Youth Team got 17th Place at this year's Brave New Voices in Chicago.
if you live in my region and may wanna go to next year's National Poetry Slam and wanna compete,
you can find our Slam schedule @

here are some pictures of my damn Handsome team!

we had practice on the beach




then we (they) but we took the stage and did what we weren't supposed to...

And our Lady, Treesje was killing it...unfortunately...not footage was caught of the Hurricane Powers

and then Rudy Francisco happened. (He had been happening for years..but then he happened) San Diego Slam Team and the Pride of not only the I.E. but all of Southern Cali. Look him up

This is what a Poet's Title looks like...actually, this is the Trophy



But my Trophy was these. This Team of ROOKIES (1st Time at Nationals) and the 1st Team EVER raised up out of the Inland Empire. "Prove I.E." Indeed we proved the I.E. and made it all the way to Semi-Finals.
It was wild, stressful, expensive and beautiful.


Friday, September 25, 2009

One day- short

One day my sons will
have names that rest foreign on your tongue.
You'll look up meanings that dont make sense
in this systematic way
the West was won.
they will smile and quote poetry.
will smile and add all that has been subtracted
multiply what is divided and come out with a whole speech

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What say you

So I am still formulating and editing my blog on Hell and Light and the right mind according to Jesus NOT tradition (in my opinion)

but in the meantime...what say you about this?
you dont have to be a "christian" to have a voice on this...i wanna know what you think!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Poem

This Poem

This poem is conducive to prayer
and worship
and love
and sex
and repentance.
This poem is what your heart says,
when your mind is silent.
This poem is what the Prophets say,
when our lands are violated.
This poem is the point of
spiritual pleasure and worldly pain.
This poem is submission;
laid prostrate on the floor
in the kitchen.
This poem is pure in every language
and only corrupted by tongues.
This poem is good intentions
paving the way when your personal Hell is re-invented.
This poem is the "Kingdom of God" here and now.
And hereafter there will be this poem.
It is the God of no religion.
Punishment only caused by mistrust and lust.
The salvation of the rich man is
Peace, not paid for.
The salvation of the Poor man is
bread before midnight.
And this poem promises
both Meat and Milk.
It is an Altar in our hearts
raised by no hands.
This poem is a carbomb of correction
driven by a woman named, "Mercy".
Driven to dire straights because
she has not met her namesake.
For God's Sake,
we wage war on one another.
And for the Sake of man
God forgives and gives poetry,
a fresh breeze, a new day,
fruit in due season,
another second chance at living.
This poem will serve as
the Poet's Philosophy
the Sorcerer's Alchemy
the Prophet's Sermon.
Another brick in the Pyramid;
the Gnosis in the land of
Ignorance, Desert and Desolation.

This poem is faith with every good reason.
And is conducive to prayer
and worship
and love
and sex
and repentance

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wrote “Terrorist” after the life of Sean Bell was extinguished by the NYPD and finished it a week before a Police Officer representing Inglewood PD shot and killed a 19 yr. old unarmed boy in the back. (and I almost forgot) Jena 6. And in the time in-between these occurrences I, for the first time in my life was at the wrong end of a standard issue law enforcing and often terror producing gun, wielded proudly by a Police Officer representing the LAPD.

I understand now how unarmed people are murdered in the dark by the same force we pay taxes for them to protect us.

One Officer on my driver side collecting my info. One BRIGHT LIGHT behind me so I cannot see whats behind me. Then, his partner seemingly sneaks up on my passenger side with gun already drawn, taps at the window with his gun pointed towards my chest.
(Now what do you suppose would’ve happened if I was startled?!? Jumped? Yelled? My hands were in my lap, all he had to do is say, “I couldn’t see his hands... and he made a sudden move...” and of course, “he fit the description...” )
Time’s up.
Lemme tell you what might’ve happened. He would’ve let loose his whole clip in my little chest and his partner would’ve ran over and for good measure emptied half of his clip in my back.

I understand now how unarmed people are murdered in the dark by the same force we pay taxes for them to protect us.

(Good thing I was more sleepy than scared causing my reflexes to be just a little slower than usual.)

Then I got to thinking (and connecting dots like I normally do).
I thought of Hannibal and bar Kochba and Nat Turner and Judah Maccabee. What do all these men have in common?
They are all classified as heroes to they’re people and as Terrorists to the systems they fought.

I had watched the movie “To catch a fire” about the Apartheid and was instantly reminded of all of this like it was one event. Then what I already knew, dawned on me again.
Oppressors create their own enemies.
This is why we had Black Panthers and Brown Berets, a Boston Tea Party, and even the United States of America.
One man’s Terrorist is often another man’s Hero.
But sadly, the story is often told by the winner and three fourths of the truth is suppressed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Conversation via text message

A conversation via text message about a Haiku I wrote, enjoy:

This is the ensuing short exchange between myself and a theology major.

(theology major: The study of God?!?

It’s still beyond me how we think we study the Unsearchable)

Haiku for you:
This Morning I found
the audacity to bless
even the Devil.
-Judah 1

Girl: and where does scripture teach that?!

Self: Ha

“Love your enemy...bless those who curse you...”

...Its a radical concept of Jesus

Girl: ha ha. But I think ur using it out on context...not too certain

Self: I think you are missing the point of art

And (excuse me) the scripture is also “art”

Girl: yes my dear friend but if art is not in line with scripture then it is still wrong. Artistic license doesn’t give excuse for bad teaching, right?

self: am I teaching? Not at all.

Love god more then you hate evil (is the base foundation of the haiku)

Why are you trying to extract a literal meaning out of figurative language?

-Sigh- sadly we do this with scripture, too

The point is that people are often found to have (d)evil in them. And even though they curse and come against you, to bless Them. And that is the “audacity” of blessing even the Devil. I was gonna get into how Satan is an Angel and Agent of God (see the Book of Job, Chapter 1) and that he is doing his job. He is no enemy of God, rather merely an Adversary of Man. And as scripture (rather the People called Israel) grow and learn and progress, the role of the Devil changes and grows, as well...he is here to tempt and test us. To in a way, help perfect us with fire (trials). I think of art of the Middle Ages and their depictions of the devil over a cauldron. And while that image of a red horned creature with a pitchfork is far from true, the cauldron is important. Heat is the Element of Change. And is this not what man is always seeking, to change? I believe God answers our prayers and desires with Heat (tests or trials) wrought forth to bring the desired change in us. And we blame the devil for bringing heat that we, ourselves ask God to deliver to our souls.

But what would be the point...she studies God

Knowledge is(a) power.
But translating is Powerful.
-Alchemy 101