Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Her Name" my favorite poem from Nationals & some other things

This is my favorite poem from this year's National Poetry Slam in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Oh, and in case you wanted to know how my team did.
We placed in the Top 20 teams in the Nation!
Empire MindState Slam Team (I.E. Slam Team)
Also, our Youth Team got 17th Place at this year's Brave New Voices in Chicago.
if you live in my region and may wanna go to next year's National Poetry Slam and wanna compete,
you can find our Slam schedule @

here are some pictures of my damn Handsome team!

we had practice on the beach




then we (they) but we took the stage and did what we weren't supposed to...

And our Lady, Treesje was killing it...unfortunately...not footage was caught of the Hurricane Powers

and then Rudy Francisco happened. (He had been happening for years..but then he happened) San Diego Slam Team and the Pride of not only the I.E. but all of Southern Cali. Look him up

This is what a Poet's Title looks like...actually, this is the Trophy



But my Trophy was these. This Team of ROOKIES (1st Time at Nationals) and the 1st Team EVER raised up out of the Inland Empire. "Prove I.E." Indeed we proved the I.E. and made it all the way to Semi-Finals.
It was wild, stressful, expensive and beautiful.


Friday, September 25, 2009

One day- short

One day my sons will
have names that rest foreign on your tongue.
You'll look up meanings that dont make sense
in this systematic way
the West was won.
they will smile and quote poetry.
will smile and add all that has been subtracted
multiply what is divided and come out with a whole speech

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What say you

So I am still formulating and editing my blog on Hell and Light and the right mind according to Jesus NOT tradition (in my opinion)

but in the meantime...what say you about this?
you dont have to be a "christian" to have a voice on this...i wanna know what you think!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Poem

This Poem

This poem is conducive to prayer
and worship
and love
and sex
and repentance.
This poem is what your heart says,
when your mind is silent.
This poem is what the Prophets say,
when our lands are violated.
This poem is the point of
spiritual pleasure and worldly pain.
This poem is submission;
laid prostrate on the floor
in the kitchen.
This poem is pure in every language
and only corrupted by tongues.
This poem is good intentions
paving the way when your personal Hell is re-invented.
This poem is the "Kingdom of God" here and now.
And hereafter there will be this poem.
It is the God of no religion.
Punishment only caused by mistrust and lust.
The salvation of the rich man is
Peace, not paid for.
The salvation of the Poor man is
bread before midnight.
And this poem promises
both Meat and Milk.
It is an Altar in our hearts
raised by no hands.
This poem is a carbomb of correction
driven by a woman named, "Mercy".
Driven to dire straights because
she has not met her namesake.
For God's Sake,
we wage war on one another.
And for the Sake of man
God forgives and gives poetry,
a fresh breeze, a new day,
fruit in due season,
another second chance at living.
This poem will serve as
the Poet's Philosophy
the Sorcerer's Alchemy
the Prophet's Sermon.
Another brick in the Pyramid;
the Gnosis in the land of
Ignorance, Desert and Desolation.

This poem is faith with every good reason.
And is conducive to prayer
and worship
and love
and sex
and repentance