Saturday, September 19, 2009

What say you

So I am still formulating and editing my blog on Hell and Light and the right mind according to Jesus NOT tradition (in my opinion)

but in the meantime...what say you about this?
you dont have to be a "christian" to have a voice on this...i wanna know what you think!


  1. this is so counter our culture, and so counter the christian culture that many experience today. it is nearly impossible to think that God would give his son a task of presenting a kingdom that is void of boundaries, hierarchy, and rituals to earn what he desires to give freely. His kingdom gives the unlikely a reality of acceptance, grace, and love that they wouldn't experience outside of it. all of us somewhere in our society based on politics,religion, race, class, sex/sexual orientation are looked upon as an "outcast" or "impure" but in his kingdom it doesn't work that way. this is liberating for some and nearly blasphemous for others and hard to swallow, as it was even for the first audience who was introduced to this radical jesus. (ie jews and greeks) hopefully we can learn to not be so legalistic and be re introduced to the post easter jesus/jesus of our faith and not allow our cultures to make complex the simplicity of Jesus who really was, his message, and what this life is all about.