Monday, October 12, 2009

On Gay Rights.

It doesn't really matter what I believe on the subject most times. What I do want to discuss is this:
The Bias of Biblical People
(People who ruffly believe the same things as I do; although obviously not the same way)

I don't agree with somethings. Actually, lots of things. But as Believers, we are told in our Scripture, " obey the law of the land.." as long as it is Just. The Law of the land is the treat everyone EQUAL and not to have rights for one group of poeple and deny that same right or privelage to another group based on a worldview, religion, race, creed or even sexual preference.

Equality. Now.

I'm no advocate for gay rights. (I'm pushing my personal thoughts and bias aside.)
I am, however, an advocate of IF you say you're about something to actually be about it. Or change what you say.
America is a land of Equality. Be that.
Christians are people of the book. That book says to "obey the law of the land". Do that.
Or change your belief system.

I do believe we have already changed our belief system and have called it "Christianity". Because I certainly see more hate and opposition than Faith and Love.
And That is the Gospel.

(Yes, I just said I believe Western Christianity to be a bad forgery of the Gospel)


  1. Well, well, well..I completely agree. This is what most folks don't understand. The president and everyone must abide by laws of the land, not the LAWS some christians choose to live by. While their are lifestyles I may not agree with, based off what this country stands for, EQUALITY is for everyone. sadly for christians, many try to force their beliefs and ways of living onto everyone else in society in a very hateful way, and that simply isnt christ. may their hearts be filled with compassion and may we all live in love. great blog. keep it up.

  2. I feel what you’re saying. I’ve always had issues with “government” and “Christianity”. Both seem to follow the belief of “Do as I say and not as I do” as opposed to leading by eXample. Though I don’t avidly support gay rights, I don’t feel strongly enough to deny gays rights. I think the passing of Proposition 8 was a spit in the face of ALL Americans. Aren’t we supposed to “form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility” or is our Preamble just a catchy tune for School House Rock now? How can we claim to be any less insensitive than other nations who oppress their women through breast ironing and genital mutilation? They are all discriminatory acts against a group of individuals…

  3. Completely agree, and you should check out my blog there is one along the lines of yours called was it love or hate.

  4. I already told you I agree... but here's some food for thought and controversy.

    The Gay Marriage debate is NOT about equal rights. Let me explain...

    Every man in American can marry a woman
    Every woman in America can marry a man

    Wether you are gay or straight, you have the exact same rights. As a straight male, I am not allowed to marry a man. So, if this is passed, EVERYONE will be given EXTRA rights.

    Every man, gay or straight, will be given the right to marry whomever they please.

    This isn't like the civil rights movement where one group of people had one set of rights, and another had a different set of rights. This is more like legalizing marijuana... It's illegal for everyone right now. And, if passed, it will become legal for everyone. However, it will only benefit some... those that choose to take advantage of it.

    Just some thought for controversy.

  5. I want time to formulate my thoughts -- but i had to post a comment after I read NathanNeighbours -- so where do the issues on insurance, medical care, issues of estate and so on fall? will these benefit everyone? even those wed in common law?

  6. Rea... of course it will benefit everyone. If gay marriage were to be legalized, you would have the rights to insurance, medical care, issues of estate and so on if you choose to marry a man or a woman. Right now you one have it one way.

  7. Very interesting. Though I already shared this sentiment, I never used that specific scripture to support it. I think it definitely applies.

  8. i was about to say a whole lot but why? I wrote the blog. Ha

  9. nathan .. I was thinking more along the lines of common law. right now a man and woman who are common law married are, to my understanding, in the same boat as two individuals of the same sex choosing to marry. I suppose it would make sense for this to blanket everyone -- but if marriage among same sex partners is legalized than it would still leave those common law married out of the equation because while common law marriages follow moral law -- the federal and state laws do not recognize them in matters of state.

    which brings another point - judah - the laws of the land -- there are so many laws of the land, which to follow when they contradict each other?

    :n) i love pot stirring.

  10. Good points J1... I know I'm like a year late but I'm going to chime in anyway...

    People forget that domestic partnership is legal in CA and without the religious term "marriage" is essentially a domestic partnership. Married is really a religious union that's recognized by the state...take out the religious aspect and you get domestic partnership. By the law of the land, it is not right to withhold the certain rights and/or privileges from one group.

    The thing to do, in this case, is to fix what's wrong with domestic partnership as it stands instead of trying to change the definition of marriage.