Thursday, February 18, 2010

Either Ether -Sestina

We were as base metals seeking gold.
Our forge was fueled with oxygen.
Our minds filled with Ether.
The Light left our life through the Black-hole;
who knew what would be left was all flesh, no soul?
We set out to learn Alchemy.

Changed our religion to Alchemy
and traveled unbeaten paths til' we stumbled on gold.
Reached into the abyss and recaptured our soul
then the inhale played chess with exhale via oxygen.
There was a White-Dwarf inverted in the Black-hole
they both were balanced on the Ether.

All Elements relied on the one named, Ether.
They worked together seeking oneness and Alchemy.
The Unknown, Unseen gave them to black-hole.
Unbeknownst to them, on the other side gold.
Stripped of their oxygen
decomposed composer, flesh left, now soul.

Elements sought bodies to control; feared being lost soul.
It remained unknown the best ways to trust the Ether.
They sought sufficiency in oxygen, again.
Conclusion, "Process too difficult, this 'Alchemy'.
We will wait the eons for our gold."
The Unknown knew their wisdom remained black-hole.

The Unseen gathered the un-saw and filled black-hole.
A big bang resulted and shook all soul.
What we call energy used to be gold.
Burned back much ether,
Unseen saw need for a better Alchemy.
Sent seeds of Light to the realm of the Oxygen.

The seeds grew into Prophets in Oxygen;
their Poet twins proceeded directly from Black-hole.
They were both sent to protect and teach Alchemy
to assist in the perfection of soul
to usher us into Ether,
then all will be Gold.

We sought Alchemy before we ever had oxygen
and were drawn to Gold but feared the black-hole.
One day we will know our soul is also the Ether.

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