Monday, November 2, 2009

Alchemy and Ether Interview

Candid interview with me, David "Judah 1" Oliver about my Book, "Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether."
Interview turned out to be a lot more than just about the book. You get to know a lot more about the Author. Check it out

Alchemy and Ether Interview from David Oliver on Vimeo.

you can get your copy of "Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether."
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"Instructions for Alchemy. Ingredients of Ether."
David "Judah 1" Oliver


  1. This interview was not what i expected. Ive known Judah for a while now, but this glimpse into his mind allowed me to see traits of his personality i was unaware of. I have not read his book, though i have been lucky enough to hear his poetry and become his friend i am excited to read his thoughts transcibed into paper. Man, i learned more about the world in this 30min clip than i ever have in a 2hr class. Hahaha true story. Classic interview. Good job Bobby. Many blessings.


  2. Congrats Brother!! I need to purchase a copy!