Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kaleidoscope Symmetry

When the day is done
I will become what you wish you needed
You will see me
Hear me in an echo
We are a mixture of Myrrh and Mercury
Ours is Kaleidoscope Symmetry
Freak and match every angle
as you please
as it pleases you
I pleases you
Plural meaning multiple
You the "Amen" my Hallelujah do await for
strike with momentum
cause flame where there was not
We are hope in the eye of the Saoshyant
Struggle not
for Kaleidoscope Symmetry
Rest easy
the Mahdi fight for me
Memories East
Peace with a West step
Alchemy to Ether
what used to be Oxygen
Perfect in first form
no less, finally.

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