Monday, January 3, 2011

Rock Climb in Hijab

I have decided to take on the arduous task of Creating SOMETHING
Every single weekday of this year. I've decided to post here since I'll
Be posting very often and this is a lot less intrusive that a facebook note.
I'll be posting Poems/Essays/Paintings/articles/ any medium of art. I am
An amatuer in many things so we shall all see how all develops.
This is my very first installment.
Poem: Rock Climb in Hijab.

Stooped down and presented
Palms up
Drank water from her cup
The cup was her hand
I'm not her man
But I drank

She's fresh like the rain
Her reign will be fresh
Queen of my heart
Covering her majesty
She rock climbs in hijab
Runs miles in the rain

Outlined with eyeliner black
Closer to Isis
Like Osirus
I want her to all see
Odd rocks in our path
Places we can CROSS water
Both drank from the CRESCENT of your hand
Squeeze light from the Crescent of my eyes

We blink then open and see
We eclipse again
My reflection blocks your pupils
Back to me
Its your shadow in the center of my eye

Deep space and orbit
Bits and pieces
Dark Matter Distance
God in every other sentence
And in silence by the inch

Sweet scent
I caught you
My tulip in a dry river bed
Puma by the waterfall
Wet where the ice melt
New Balance Princess
Rock climb in hijab

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  1. i will def tune in to see what you create. ;o) looking forward to the journey