Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sheared son of Samson/Palestinian Moonrise

written to "Unthinkable" by Alicia Keys

If they made you feel worthless
if even for a moment only
Let me make you feel worshiped
You were worth shipping
to get you here
hear me now
in native tongues
I am a sheared son of Samson
you are a Palestinian Moonrise in my eyes
let the ceiling fall
legs for pillars
lend me your jawbone
along with your bottom lip
our clinched hands, our weapon
secrets outlined in black chalk
next to battle plans
we peaceful
there is Justice in our silence
we walk unwalled streets
in fact.
You demand non-fiction
I write new reality
more than pleasure is the plan
less than pleasing unacceptable
you fill our table with spices East
or at least make me smell beautiful
I see you in the scent you leave me with
I like when you stroke my beard
no one does, actually
I've been waiting for one like you
sub-script scripture
miraculous outside the books
we study
the culture of one another
forge iron out of the would be
then gold from our iron
i like that you know what I mean mostly
never in question
we both know and believe
you've seen every tattoo up my sleeves
allow me cure the disease a man has been to you
you remind me of what's out there
i want what's inside you.

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