Thursday, January 13, 2011

stream of conscious write.

used to expel every shadow in the day
then I embraced the ether
lost my religion in a secret
escaped from NIMH
still stumbled on mice in cages
my surprise
and to my chagrin
moral victories remain largely winless
masters of degrees and not much more
less than they went in
in terms of dollar signs
but signs dont matter
unless they're green of course
one too many courses and not enough paths
education was a manifest destiny
til the bottleneck came
calculated says my personal conspiracy
people dont listen to theories anymore
just FOX news and the like
its likely we are bound merely perceiving freedom
in shackles
debt equates slavery
how many institutions do you owe
this is what revolutions are fought for
i know your history, America
the way you got free you deny
gorilla warfare
roadside attacks
you were israelis struggling against Rome
were Palestinians occupied by Israelis
and then you became the oppressor
often a cycle remains so
you never changed heart just manipulated
sold tickets to a show you never really understood
Freedom without Justice never stood
will never stand
you kill just men who dissent peacefully
black socialists and white presidents
are as mulch on fields next to momuments
in drought blood keeps you greener than the other side
fit for holidays never meant to really be holy
just as reminders as to what will happen
when you go after the seven heads of the beast
babylon will slay you and put your head up in books
cause stakes arent effective anymore
stakes is still high
warning the elementary subconsciously
of dissent
we ressent Justice here
we'll invade you for Pepsi-Cola or Haliburton
Capital is a white house of green backs
stacked against the populous
there is money made mostly from the hungry
seeking after what we see
the hungry will eat anything
a statue called liberty has on a tablet
"Give me your hungry"
They feed us shit
give us chiterlings by the bucket full
hog maw and pigs feet
take this and eat and give thanks
scraps from master's table
pray for your piece of the pie
but dessert is for those we say who deserve
the rest of us serve thirsty
pray for your piece
but god will not hear you
we give false names when we conquer
we lay claim to the altered
holding on to promises
while reservations are made

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