Monday, January 31, 2011

Time wont tell. Observed. Digested. Freewrite.

inspired by

metal has a feel
blue more than a color
sons are more than seeds
our needs are just desires we pawned to acquire
the answer to his question
suffering is universal my friend
they raped him till he put their answer in his mouth
disgusted as I watched them
shove scripture down his throat
unbalanced as a slavemaster proclaiming his mercy unto slaves
chains bind the same even when you dont see
the free carry shackles in opinions

picked his jaw off the floor
wiped the spit
spit the rest
stood straight
resist and they will flee
and come back with seven stronger than themselves
confused as to why so vicious
void of an answer
or rebuttal to the beat-down
the atheist in a room full of christians proclaiming to be atheist
he wasn't brave he was honest
he didn't have an answer so he questioned
the response lessened my belief that we are more mercy
than our fathers or our conquerors

our needs are just desires that we pawned to aquire
time wont tell our true stories
history will be revised and dark ages will return
the Vatican will reboot.
Jerusalem will rebuild.
Jesus will return again
we'll beat our weapons into plows
plows will micro into chips
chips will enter into net
squeeze til we pixel
return to shards in the mosaic of life
blaming one another for the shatter

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